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Yi Teng Electronic Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a computer and consumer electronics connector product development, mold development and manufacturing, automatic machine development and manufacturing, precision photochemical special processing, precision stamping, precision injection molding, assembly, packaging and test analysis A technology-based enterprise that integrates technology and technology. The products developed and produced by the company have been serving European, American, Japanese, Taiwanese, domestic well-known enterprises and system factories, providing quality products and services to many customers. The company upholds learning, innovation, Caring and sharing business philosophy, through learning to enhance corporate strength, innovation to win dignity, people-oriented, customer's full recognition as our return.

    For many years, the company has been committed to the development, production and sales of high-precision electronic connectors for the 4C industries such as Consumer, Communication, Computer, and Car, and is committed to serving customers. Providing a complete set of manufacturing and manufacturing solutions for precision components, the company has a complete production chain from product development to mold design and processing, injection molding, stamping, electroplating, assembly and testing. The company currently has strong competitiveness in precision FPC, WTB, BTB, USB3.0 products, and has strong team and development capabilities in precision connector product design, mold design, automation design and manufacturing. The company has obtained ISO9001, QC080000, IATF16949 and ISO14000 management system certifications. All products meet the requirements of EU RoHS and REACH, and SONY GP requirements are truly green factories. The company has established a research and development technology center, fully promotes technological innovation, and has a strong engineering research and development team. At present, it has dozens of invention and utility model patents, and has obtained the title of Torch Products and National High-tech Enterprise, and at the same time, in order to meet the new technology wave. With the arrival and development, the company also joined and launched the China Internet of Things Promotion Alliance.


We specialize in providing the following products and precision manufacturing services to the 4C industry:



Development and manufacture of various types of precision electronic connector products

Development and manufacture of precision molds (stamping and plastic molds) and automation equipment

First edition (hand-made), various metal stampings (antenna / shield / center conductor / PV module, etc.)

Photochemical etching of various metal parts with complex shapes, RFID etching parts, etc.

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