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Company positioning

Professional precision electronic connectors and precision components suppliers

Core culture

Learning, innovation, care, sharing

Learning: Create a learning-oriented enterprise and continuously improve the soft power of the enterprise. All members take the factory as the school, work in the middle school, work in the study, and constantly improve and develop themselves.

Innovation: “Win the future with innovation”, improve the innovation mechanism, enhance the innovation culture, and make the company full of passion, innovation and sustainable development.

Care: caring for colleagues, caring for customers; caring for the family, caring for the society; caring for the company, caring for the future; caring for the disadvantaged groups and caring for the living environment.

Sharing: hard work, hard work; shoulder responsibility, advance with the times; grow together, share success; reward parents and dedication to society with grateful heart.

Company goals

Create first-class products and create famous brands

Quality policy

Customer satisfaction, creating a win-win situation, excellent quality, leading technology

Environmental policy

Full participation, compliance with regulations, energy saving, continuous improvement

HSF policy

Protect the environment, care for life, eliminate harmful, continuous improvement

operating strategy

Market-oriented, product and sales-led, supported by brands and services, based on technology research and development

Management mode

People-centered. Employees are the masters of the company. The job is to grow together for the company and the individual. At the same time, working better is also a reflection of your own value.

Performance-oriented, comprehensive evaluation of employees from three aspects of morality, ability and performance.

Focus on institutionalization, process and standardization.

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