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Continuously delivering innovative JXT products is key to maintaining strong customer relationships. For this reason, JXT has always been committed to innovative and reliable methods for product development or reform, helping customers to make the latest market positioning and good business opportunities in new products for connectors to meet the ever-changing world of new products and new products. Technical challenges. Our comprehensive approach to product development represents an effective collaboration between our customers and JXT experts in R&D, sales, marketing and design engineering. Close contact with our customers allows us to better understand the different needs of our customers and respond quickly. This partnership enables our experts and technicians to make greater contributions to reliable connector product research and new technology development.

Each year, JXT invests approximately 3-8% of its net profit in research and development, ranking among the higher R&D investment levels in the industry. We are acclaimed for our continuous range of innovative products, including high-speed signal integrity, miniaturization, high-power power, optical signal transmission and tight environmental connections for sealing.

We have dozens of electrical, mechanical and process engineers working at the JXT R&D Design Center. The latest computer-aided engineering and pre-research engineering software and systems, including advanced rapid modeling capabilities, enable rapid prototyping and evaluation of new design concepts. The result is a faster development, manufacturing of quality products and their launch on the market.

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